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From grape to label, experience wine that’s exclusively yours.

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Own Part of a Vineyard Without the Work

Owning a vineyard is just as blissful as it is hard work, but a share of ours means you can enjoy the experience without the hassle of physical labor, sweat, and worries at a minimal cost. Our vineyard is made up of approximately 1,400 vines, mostly Blanc Du Bois and some Lenoir, with the most mature vines being seven years old. Our vines produce up to six tons of delicious grapes, giving us the opportunity to create up to 200 cases of wine.

But what good is a beautiful vineyard without passionate people who want to create wines to their own taste? That’s why Tosca Wine Partners invites you to become an investment partner in a venture of German-born owner, operator, and wine enthusiast Willy Liesner. Here you can finally create something you can call your own - a dream that few can make reality.

Unique Winemaking Experience

Imagine uncorking a bottle of wine while sitting with friends on the porch of an 1830’s log cabin surrounded by a beautiful vineyard, except this time the wine was created by you. As you begin to pour, you realize the beauty behind this wine, whose juice from your own grapes had been fermenting in oak barrels just a few months earlier. When you invest in a partnership with Tosca, you gain both tangible and intrinsic benefits that are equally valuable.

Benefits For Our Partners

  • The priceless feeling of enjoying your final product.
  • Several cases of wine per year bottled with your own custom label and design if desired.
  • Participation in the winemaking process.
  • Private gourmet dinner parties held at the vineyard every year.
  • Share of the crops from which we produce our wine based on your % of ownership.
  • Year-round maintenance by our caretakers.
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Luxury Creation & Operation

Once you become a partner with Tosca, you will enter the exclusive world of like-minded persons and connoisseurs of good wine. Your share will be one of only ten, making this a completely exclusive and exciting endeavour. Our seasoned winemaker will allow you to have an intimate participation in the winemaking process. We also give you the opportunity to be hands-on with your product right on our grounds. Our experienced and professional caretakers work on your share of the vineyard all year, but we invite our partners to voluntarily contribute their time in the maintenance and care of their grapes. After all, it’s that much more rewarding when you see your entire season’s hard work turn into a beautiful bottle of wine that will surely impress your family and friends.


Winemaking is part of a lifestyle, and we intend on creating the best experience for our partners. To complement this, every year partners will be invited to private, small-group dinner parties. Wine will be tasted, compelling conversations will be had, and guests will indulge in the outstanding gourmet cuisine of Inge-Lotte Liesner, wife of the owner, who is esteemed for her skills in preparing delectable bites that are perfect for pairing with your wine. From all of us at Tosca Vineyard, we look forward to welcoming you to our circle of partners, family, and friends.





Our Process

Wine juice
  • Grapes are harvested, taken to the winery, and placed in a cooler at 55°F for approximately 3 hours.
  • Fruit is sorted, destemmed, crushed, and fed into French oak barrels for fermentation.
  • Barrels are removed from the cooler to warm up in preparation for inoculation with yeast and nutrients.
  • After inoculation, 2 to 3 “punch downs” are conducted in morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • Approximately 40 gallons of wine will be left after pressing, which is then racked and left to settle to prepare for malolactic fermentation (MLF).
  • Nutrients are stirred in, malolactic cultures are added, and an oak infusion sock with oak chips is inserted into the barrel. Fermentation begins two days after this point.
  • Wine is splash-racked from the large tank to the 30 gallon tank for bulk aging; it is in this stage that we wait for the malolactic process to continue and acidity to reduce.
  • Wine begins to develop a nice taste and is allowed to continue aging to eventually be bottled.

Winemaking is a profession, but for the Tosca Wine Partners family, it’s also a lifestyle. No matter how intimately you decide to get involved, the goal remains the same: create something unique that you can call your own.

Our History

Tosca vineyards

After a successful entrepreneurial career Willy Liesner retired to his ranch, started a tree farm and raised cattle. As if that was not enough, a friend enticed him to plant a few vines and-lo-and-behold, it became a vineyard. As both Liesners are fans of the opera, they named it Tosca after one of their favorite Puccini masterpieces. They have been striving to turn the grapes into a bottled symphony; capturing the whole season of work in a bottle of wine.

Up to now, the endeavor has been a wonderful hobby but after 7 years of learning, the time has come to take it to a higher level. The next step will be the building of a small, fully equipped winery, enabling us to experiment and create small lots of wine "from grape to label," and to interact with our winemaker and extraordinary fellow members of Tosca Wine Partners.

In addition, we envision a limited curriculum of presentations by experts in winemaking and culinary arts.

Every vineyard has a story. This is ours.

Become a Partner

Becoming a Tosca Vineyard parter can make your dreams of owning your own vineyard a reality. Reach out to find out how to get started.